24 Jun

Ok ask your mom, “Where do I go for shopping?”

Her initial answer will be “ASON”, condition applied that your mom is not 25 year old branded woman anymore.

ASON was and is THE SHOPPING HUB of KATHMANDU, if not for all NEPAL.

According to Wikipedia—ASON is a prestigious title….on princes who had been reduced to the commonalty.

According to Kathmanduians- ASON is a prestigious place, where commonalty is the New Brand.

  ASON VS MALL:–No mall is as extended and as versatile as Ason. It sells everything you can name   under one sky. Plus it gives you a free pass to spidery maze of narrow alleyways. Every turn has something surprising stored for you.

Name it and get it. Made in Nepal. Made in China. Made in Japan and more. Starting Rs.50 to Rs 5000. Slippers, boots, converse, sari, kurtas, pants, suits, undergarments, umbrellas, water bottle, mobiles, radios, kitchenware, silverware, gold, and beads (poteys). Masala native to any country, vegetables, flowers, fruits, panipuri, momos, lassi, dog food, rat poison, small clips, big clips, lipstick, eye twizer, henna mehendi, hair dyer and the list is unending. Am I missing something?? Yes, definitely because if I start listing all the items one can find in Ason, than Ason won’t be Ason anymore. Not to forget receiving blessings from Ganesha, Annapurna, Bhairav and several other Gods and Goddesses in between your shopping route.


Shopping in ACed Sherpa Mall where looking at price tag can be humiliating yourself as those big judging eyes of sales girl/guys keeps on tracking you from one corner to other. In Ason, you walk with pride twinkling in your own sweat with thousands, standing and stopping other trespasser’s way, taking time to look into each shop, just in case you see something that has slipped your shopping list. You see, you bargain to you last breath and buy it in your price. Now, that’s Shopping.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. ASON!!!

The view of hundred year old building standing in support of a mere bamboo.

(I especially love this small shop crafted to the last details, garlanded with electric wires—see image—and the Paltan Ghar, most of us might have missed it just like me for years, but next time when you are in Ason, just stop for a while and see how beautifully it is crafted)

The people of various color- white, black, red and blue.

The smell of busy-ness and enthusiasm.

The sound of mantras and bells, the noise of bargain and horn.

And Many More.



“Paltan Ghar is also Known as “Tilinga Bhawan” and “Man- Mandir” It was built by Commander-in chief Abhim…an Singh Basnyat in 1833 B.S. The name after this bhawan is due to armies carved below the window..Each armies or tilinga have their own meaning.It is an example of Nepali Architect.”– Regendraman Singh Basnyat

“Colour image would have brought out the rich vegetables dear”- Nikki Thapa.

” ढाका टोपी मैलो .. धुने बुइनी पोइलो गइ … के रमाइलो छ र खोइ …. मुइलो भए धुई दिम्ला …सुम्झी सुम्झी रोइदिम्ला …..झुम पाक झुम पाक झुम झुम झुम”-Sumangal

“Never saw Taleju from this angle and with those subjects in front.. :)”- Nikki Thapa. 


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